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Featuring providers across the gamut of health care, the Health Innovation Report uncovers fascinating insights on where health care is today and where we are heading in the next 10 years.

Latest Episode: Healing Ligament Tears with Stem Cell Therapy

Nabil Ahmad, MD, shares how bone marrow and PRP therapies are healing injuries in unprecedented ways


“It’s all about data. If you can prove something, people believe it. But if you have nothing to show, and you’re just claiming something, that is a problem.”

Nabil Ahmad, MD

AMR Pain and Spine Clinic


Empowering Patients Through Functional Medicine

TJ Williams, DC, describes how functional medicine shifts the responsibility of health, wellness, and healing to the patient

Joint Preservation and Other Advancements in Sports Medicine

Scott Kaar, MD, MBA, sheds insights on where sports medicine is heading in the next 10 years.

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