Reduce Readmissions

Deploy accessible technology to reduce hospital readmissions, including Hip-Knee, CABG, COPD, HF, AMI, and PN.

Automated patient outreach (1)

Intervene Before the Patient Comes Back Using Automated Tools

Monitoring signs and symptoms is a great way to reduce hospital readmissions—but it is time-consuming. Often patients are unaccessible via phone call and nurses lack time to continue calling.

ElderberryMD makes patient outreach and remote patient monitoring effortless. Now early intervention is attainable, effectively reducing readmissions and saving millions of dollars in payer penalties for a fraction of the cost.


Reduce Readmissions with Automated Patient Outreach

  • IVR Calls, SMS texts, or in-app push notifications
  • Easy to read messages collecting signs and symptoms
  • Customizable questions to get you the data you need
device-less remote patient monitoring automated patient outreach

Accessible technology proven to reduce readmissions.

Reducing Hospital Readmissions

Monitor Patients Remotely as They Log Signs & Symptoms

With the help of automated reminders, patients regularly input data by answering questions, using wearable devices to collect signs, and drawing symptoms on a human figure. The data analytics dashboard turns the data into easily digestible information.


Discover SymptomChat™ for Readmission Reductions


Easy to Chat

Natural language processing makes it easy for patients to understand and engage.


Always On-Call

Whether it’s lunch time or 2am, SymptomChat™ is always there for the patient.


Useful for Any Symptom

The easiest plug-and-play solution on the market, SymptomChat™ has questions for any symptom. 

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