Remote Patient Intake

Streamline your front office. Reduce labor costs and wait times. Improve patient outcomes and satisfaction … all with one tool.

remote patient intake

Collect All the Data You Need with AI Generated Intake Forms

Due to the infinite number of questions a health care provider can ask a patient depending on their symptoms, automated remote patient intake has been impossible—until now.

Using SymptomChat, patients answer intake questions relevant to their specific symptoms from the convenience of their phone:

  • AI generated questions based on the patient’s reported symptoms
  • Any additional custom questions set by the provider
  • Questions written at 6th grade reading level
  • Reminders to answer unfinished questions
  • Custom EMR integration


Reduce Labor Costs & Wait Times

Providers use ElderberryMD’s Remote Patient Intake to jump straight into clarifying questions and treatment as soon as the patient walks into the door—saving time for the provider, the front desk, and the patient.

remote patient intake reduce labor costs front desk

Streamline your front office. Shave hours of labor costs each week.

Remote Patient Intake

Improve Patient Outcomes

ElderberryMD’s signs and symptoms logging tools increase patient data points by an average of 30x, allowing providers to make better informed decisions.

Using data visualization tools to graphically depict symptoms, providers interpret data faster and more accurately. 


Increase Patient Satisfaction with Remote Patient Intake



Whether it’s at lunch time or 2am, patients can respond to questions at their convenience.



With the constraints of the provider’s time removed, patients can input as much data as they please, knowing their complaints are being directly communicated to the provider.



Patients use ElderberryMD’s data analytics dashboard to track their progress, remind them of where they started, and watch their pain decrease as treatment progresses.

remote patient intake increase net revenue health care provider

Increase Follow Up Appointments with Remote Patient Intake

ElderberryMD’s SymptomChat™ tool is always available for the patient to chat with whenever a new symptom arises. By customizing the end screen of SymptomChat™ to conveniently direct the patient to appointment scheduling, providers see an increase in follow up visits.


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