Secure Telemedicine Services

Increase billable hours using simple, convenient, HIPAA compliant texting and video chat services. As software and policies change, ElderberryMD will keep you compliant and competitive with the latest technology.

Maximize revenue by enabling your remote practice.

A swelling number of patient seek health care providers with remote services. ElderberryMD enables you to easily stay relevant to your audience—and make it convenient for you, too.

    ElderberryMD Video Chat

    HIPAA Compliant Text and Video Chat

    We handle all of the tedium and work involved with setup and administration for secure communication with your patients. 

    Our integrated appointment scheduling with video chat facilitates efficient remote medicine—increasing throughput and revenue. 

    Get encrypted text, sms, and in-app chat, allowing your patients easy access to your practice.

    Custom Integrations. End-to-End Encryption.

    Every health care provider’s operations are unique. Here are just a few of our customizable telemedicine solutions:

    • HIPAA compliant text and video chat
    • Scheduling integration
    • Website integration
    • EMR integration

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